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Jennifer Furey, LPC, LLC

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Parenting Support

Individual and Family Therapy in Skillman, NJ

for many issues and concerns during the various stages and phases of pregnancy, infancy, early childhood, school age, adolescent, young adult and adult years, specifically:
-  Fostering an environment to help your child be more resilient and reach his/her potential mentally, emotionally, socially and academically
- Teaching positive discipline techniques including setting age appropriate boundaries, responsibilities and support while also nurturing your child
- Providing additional support to the parent whose child struggles with any of the following: discipline/behavior problems, anger, academic stressors or achievement concerns, identity, mental health disorders including but not limited to Anxiety and Depression, and drug and alcohol addiction.  
- Getting aligned with your spouse or partner through couples counseling
- Taking care of your needs while also taking care of  your child(ren)

If you and/or your partner could use parenting support, please let me know by calling 908-333-1033.

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